Competition Spray Tanning Solution Sample 100ml

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A stunning spray tan solution that offers flawless, professional results every time, Brazilian Gold Competition Tanning Solution is made for those who compete in either dance or bodybuilding competitions.

Our formula is created to achieve the best results highlighting muscle definition and body contours to impress on stage making you stand out from the crowd.

Using the Brazilian Gold Competition Solution there are simply no limits! It is an easy to apply tanning solution made with aloe vera for a nourishing finish that will make your skin glow.

This product gives an instant extreme dark colour! You have the choice, how dark do you like to go?

This quick-dry formula is a great choice for those with fair skins and is fully developed in only four to six hours.

Why not try it out for yourself with one of our Brazilian Gold Professional Tanning Solution 100ml sample bottles? Ensure a smooth, even tan every spray.

Suitable For:

This tan is best for those any skin tone.

Hot to use:

Step 1

Advise clients to exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before application and to keep their skin clean and free from any lotions or oils.

Step 2

A full body tan will use around 50ml solution. Ensure bottle is well shaken before pouring into the gun. Spray with long, smooth, downward strokes. Spray lightly on drier patches, such as the elbows and knees.

Step 3

In order to achieve the maximum dark colour, advise clients not to shower after applying the tan for their competition. You can even intensify the tan by reapplying the solution 10 minutes after initial application. With this tan your customer can go as dark as they like.

Once the client does shower, the tan will wash of and leave a glow of a natural 12% tan. For a longer lasting, even fade, they can apply moisturiser regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many tans will one bottle give me?
A. Each spray tan machine is different, but a 100ml sample bottle should give you 1 spray tan.

Q. My client has asked for two coats – will I still achieve a flawless finish?
A. Of course! Give the first coat a few minutes to settle and then spray again.

Q. Is there an easy way to see where I have already sprayed?
A. Our solution features a colour guide as you spray, so that you can see exactly which areas have been treated and which ones still need colour.

Q. What is the development time?
A. This is an instant development when applied it can be washed off after 4 hours giving your client a natural 12% tan colour.

Q. How quickly does the tan dry?
A. The tan dries within seconds of application. However, we suggest waiting at least ten minutes before dressing to prevent transfer onto clothes.

Q. How long does the tan last?
A. Our long-lasting formula will vary according to client’s lifestyle and skin, but they should last between seven and ten days.

Q. Will my tan go patchy over time?
A. We know this is a concern, so we have ensured our premium tanning formula is one that gently fades, without the tell-tale patchiness.

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